Wednesday, 28 September 2011

So Gutta aka S.G [@SG_SoGutta]


So Gutta aka S.G. is a rap artist on the rise from Sunrise, Florida. His style of rap cannot be classified under either west coast, dirty south or "up north". His sound is unique and can be embraced from all areas of hip hop. S.G started to chase his music dream at the age of 17, and he has been on his grind ever since by doing shows and performances in many different clubs in the south Florida area, Boston, and ATL Georgia. His motivation comes from a lot of different places. He has been faced with a lot of different adversities growing up as a child, he has used his pain to fuel his passion of making music. S.G like to embrace the mic and his gift and one of his favorite saying   " Music is my life, so I gotta give my all".  S.G Loves being on stage in his element. Music is in his words is therapy for him and always takes him to a different place. He has two mixtapes out right now called Hustle Hard or Die Broke Vol. 1 and 2. Also currently  he his working on his third Mixtape that is anticipated by many called "Heart of a Champion". Be on the look out for So Gutta because he might be a rookie but he is on his grind like a pro. 
In the next 20 years Gutta say " I see myself being signed to a record label making hit that's people can listen to, relate to, and party to. This isn't where it starts or stops, I am trying to do great things".  

You can find So Gutta on twitter @sg_sogutta, Facebook SG SOGUTTA and Also on Youtube at SG954
For booking his information is
 Some have it to say that So Gutta is turning his dreams into reality and he is out here in the streets and the studio proving that those saying are true. 


So Gutta ,YDtheBest, and Plus Daddy Cut N Scratch Interview Snipt

Stay tuned for new singles from So Gutta


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