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Hussla ‘D’ Dandymite [@jahtroopers ]

Hussla ‘D’ Dandymite (DJ/Producer/Artist) was Born in Manchester, UK. Coming from a Jamaican background his music has always had a Jamaican influence and demonstrated a fusion of the two cultures.  His involvement in the music industry dates back from a very young age where he expressed his passion and talent, recording and writing his own songs and further becoming one of the most popular DJ’s in his local area. Having a greater vision Hussla founded ‘JAH TROOPERS’ which has developed from a sound system, to promotion organisation, artist management and recognised brand throughout the UK.
With an ear for good music Hussla has always shown appreciation to all music genres and even though he specializes in Reggae Dancehall, Hip Hop & RnB he has shown the ability to fuse different genres but still appealing to listeners.  

Over the years Hussla has performed around the UK to audiences from a few hundred to thousands, playing for Jah Troopers and also as a solo DJ.
He has presented Radio shows on BBC Radio 1xtra, Peace FM Manchester and currently produces and presents his weekly Friday Evening show on Northamptonshire’s Community Radio (Inspiration FM) “The Vibez Machine Run Show” which has been going since 2002.

Being one to believe that nothing happens before it’s time Hussla feels it’s now the right time for him to start releasing his catalogue of production and further develop his artist career. Kicking this off with first debut single “4 My Brother” released in September 2011 Hussla has so far had a good reception from existing fanbase and also new fans. This is just the start of many things to come, so stay tuned and look out for the EP.

Why did you decided to do music?

Music is something that has been around me from as far back as I can remember. My father being an ex-sound man always had some type of mini sound system set up in the house with a vast collection of vinyl records me and my brothers would use and make cassettes. Family gatherings & parties all my uncles would take out the mic and start DJing and singing so you could say music is in my genes

Where your inspiration came from to do music?

Having the passion for music and being blessed with a musical ear and skills of writing and performing, the inspiration for doing music came from seeing poor people in the slums of Jamaica with nothing but there talent, creating an opportunity for themselves through music to become known internationally, travelling the world and performing to all nation, races, colour & creed.

How long have you been dj/singing?

I recorded my 1st song at a very amateur level in 1994 at the age of 8 using a walkman and a ghetto blaster and selling duplicates of it on cassette to family and family friends. Realising to record properly it would need to be done in a studio and at that age having no money or connections for this I began to explore the sound system route using my fathers vinyl’s and home sound system. Still writing songs but archiving them in my song book the next time I seriously picked it up was 2001 when I started MC/DJing over UK Garage Music.

Where do see yourself in the next couple of years from now?

In the next couple of years I hope to be making a recognisable influence in the music industry, reaching a global audience, putting out quality and uplifting music, weather it be my song or my production.    
What your most memorable moment since being in the music industry?

Over the years I have so many but one that constantly stands out in my head would be when I realised the power of words and the importance of writing positives songs. Before we started recording songs as artists we were MCs and would perform live sets with our DJ “Spess” over garage music, which was the contemporary rave scene music at that time in the UK. We put on our own rave and the place was ram from front to back, buzzing from the vibe in the place I jumped on the stage when DJ Spess started playing, took the microphone and started singing one of my lyrics, but then for a split second I forgot the next line but heard the whole crowd singing along which helped me catch back the song and blunder going unnoticed. After the night holding a medy and reflecting how the night went I realised I influenced all those people to sing what I wrote, and it’s there I seen the importance having a positive message in your music so you cannot be held responsible for leading masses of people astray and can appreciated for guiding, encouraging and uplifting listeners.
Who do you look up to in the music industry?

In the industry there are two types of artists/producers I look up to; those that set the foundation and those of today that demonstrate Creativity, originality and raw talent, even when being influenced by others still having their own touch. To List a few:
Daddy U Roy, Josey Wales, Brigadier Jerry, Burro Banton, Super Cat, Buju Banton – who all have played a major part in setting infrastructure of the dancehall today.
Toots & The Maytals, Desmond Decker who internationalised reggae music along with Bob Marley & Peter Tosh who also internationalised the Rastafarian culture
Grammy Artist Shabba Ranks who opened the gate to mainstream for dancehall artists

Beenie Man who has managed to persevere and keep himself current in the dancehall throughout the years. 
As I said these are just a few, there are so many and I give honour where honour is due.
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Wine for Me (Overproof Riddim) Prod. By Dark Dreamz

Hip Hop Artist making Dancehall Tracks The Music is hot

New Music By SG-(So Gutta)

So Gutta-Wine for Me (Overproof Riddim) Prod. By Dark Dreamz



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Aisha Davis ft Trev EyeZ - Save Me (Dirty)

Artist: Aisha Davis Feat. Trev Eyez

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Vybz Kartel Teacha’s Pet Episode 2 [RAW] FULL EPISODE PLUS DOWNLOAD LINK





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